Information Security Consultant

  • ATL Foundation
  • Delhi, India
  • Nov 21, 2017
Full time Information Security Consultant

Job Description

  1. Monitor and advice on information security issues related to the systems and workflow to ensure the internal security controls, appropriate and operating as intended.
  2. Coordinate and execute IT security projects.
  3. Coordinate response to information security incidents.
  4. Develop and publish Information Security policies, procedures, standards and guidelines based on knowledge of best practices and compliance requirements.
  5. Conduct data classification assessment and security audits and manage remediation plans.
  6. Collaborate with IT management, the legal department, safety and security, and law enforcement agencies to manage security vulnerabilities.
  7. Create, manage and maintain user security awareness.
  8. Conduct security research in keeping abreast of latest security issues.


upto 3 Lac



Industry Experience


Job Function

Security Operations and Engineering