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Maximus Global Consultants Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Aug 08, 2017
Full time
Responsible and accountable for managing risks in the organization related to Cyber  Security Information  Security .   Ensuring compliance to Internal policies and procedures Regulatory requirements Key Responsibilities Maintaining and updating the threat landscape for the organisation on a regular basis including staying up to date about the latest  security  threat environment and related technology developments. Establishing a cyber- security  program and for management of various Group  security  policies. Developing and implementing a  security  architecture for the organisation by leveraging technology and understanding of threat landscape. Establishing and reviewing the Risk Assessment methodology and selection of appropriate controls for risk mitigation by leveraging technology and an understanding of the threat landscape in the organisation. Ensuring Compliance to regulatory requirements. Interacting with regulatory bodies and external agencies that could be of help to maintain  information   security  for the organization. Ensuring that the following activities are carried out at regular intervals, either directly or through the deployment of subject matter experts: Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) of all websites, portals and IT systems, on a quarterly basis at a minimum Web Application  Security  Assessment (WASA), Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Audit and periodic Code Reviews to ensure that applications continue to be secure Information   Security  Audit of IT Systems and controls, including site audits as appropriate. Log review, analysis and exception reporting Periodic assessment / audits of third party service providers to assess risks to you organisation Ensuring that the IT infrastructure deployed for online operations is kept up to date as per policy and is always under maintenance and technical support so that  security  patches and bug fixes are regularly applied to protect the infrastructure from vulnerabilities. Developing and implementation of scenario-based Incident Response plans to deal with Cyber crises, contingencies and disasters, attack on IT systems etc. This should include incident containment, assessment, root cause analysis,  mitigation / prevention, continuous monitoring, forensics and reporting as required.. Coordination with stakeholders in all matters related to internal and external  security . Coordinating all matters related to  security  internally and externally while providing regular reports to the head of the organisation covering the following aspects.
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